A tried and tested with young people pack of Mindfulness Cards that are simple to follow yet an effective tool for young people. They cards can be done with an adult, in a group or individually and include:


Meditation Instruction card followed by:

10-part check in meditation, the 3-part breathing space, mindful body scan, squeeze and relax focus, kindness meditation and acceptance meditation.

All About Breathing Instruction card followed by:

Belly breathing, square breathing, counting techniques, hand breathing and aminal breathing.

Use Your Senses Instruction card followed by:

Slow down & Calm down technqiue, sesnes activities for inside, mindful walk, mind jar activity, 

Mindful Activity Instruction card followed by:

Circle of control, self-care table, gratitude table, acts of kindness activity, what makes you happylist and positive thinking activity.


The techqniues are a useful tool to help young people with their busy minds, to live in the present moment and to have a useful resource if they are feeling anxious or overhwlemed in any situation.


All packs include the same activities and are all size A5 with a plastic wallet provide to keep them safe and compact. 

Mindfulness Cards for Young People (7-11)


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