Delivered to staff for staff and pupil well-being:

  • 8 sessions of mindfulness and well-being either over 8 (90 minutes per session) or 4 (3 hours per session)

  • Group bookings for schools £550.00 for full course.

  • Individual bookings at Meyrick Street £160 per person for full course.


Delivered to pupils:

  • 8-week course £320 for one class/group or £480 for two classes/groups.

Delivered to families:

  • 6-week course; Each session is 2 hours and in a small group, covering all 8 sessions below.

  • £120 per person (just £10 per hour), children can come along in last session.

  • Sessions will start once the booking is full for each course and will be held at Meyrick Street, Tuesdays from 6:00 - 7:30pm/Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:00pm


Session 1: Mindfulness

Session 2: The Busy Mind

Session 3: Fight, Flight, Freeze Response

Session 4: Stress (good and bad)

Session 5: Thought, Feeling, Behaviour Cycle

Session 6: Helpful and Unhelpful Choices

Session 7: Happiness

Session 8: Acceptance

We will work through a booklet and complete activities during each session. The booklet can be used as a resource to support young people after completion of each session. Additional training and support can be offered.


Or either delivered to pupils or to staff:

  • One off workshops for well-being including mindfulness concepts and informal practices.

  • Workshops can also have a focus for Mental Health awareness days, Anti Bullying, Transitions.

From 60 minutes to 3 hours prices from £60-£150

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