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Recent feedback from pupils has highlighted they want to continue with their breathing techniques and meditations but would struggle to do this on their own! Studio Serenity has a mission to work with as many local schools as possible to train school staff in delivering x3 5 minute meditations a day!
Just 15 minutes per day to help support our children's mental health and well-being! Breathing techniques and meditations can also improve performance and behaviour! Have a look at our blogs and updates which has links to the research in the area.... and if you would like your school to be ahead of the game then lets get started! :-) 

studio serenity workshop and courses timetable. (all available as in-house events).

Having worked with a broad spectrum of pupils including Autism, ADHD, PMLD, SEBD and from my work in schools recently for anxieties, exams and behaviours I know what helpful techniques of mindfulness, meditation and movement that work.

Within the various workshop’s topics, we can work on:

  • Becoming aware of negative thinking patterns and unhelpful thoughts.

  • Becoming aware of the brain and the thought, feeling and behaviour cycle.

  • Cultivating mindfulness in our work and home life and that of the pupils.

  • How to use simple but very effective breathing techniques.

  • Influencing a more positive, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • How to do easy meditations in the classroom and home.

  • Become kind and compassionate to the self and others.


These areas are just the start of a person looking after themselves, but they are simple and relatively easy techniques that those in a busy role can learn and that are effective when practiced. I believe that if we take time for ourselves then this will be passed onto those we teach… and the techniques are so simple that children and young people can learn them also!


The courses will be up and running from our new premises from Easter and available to book on from 1st March using the new online Wigan Council school service portal. There is a discount offer currently available for £40 per person for a 3-hour workshop for this academic year. From September 2019 the prices of the workshops will increase. If you are interested in knowing more or would like to book onto a workshop now starting this May, please contact me on studioserenitycic@gmail.com or 07714 792 631. Please keep a look out for more workshops and training events on Wigan Councils school service portal.





Tuesday 30th April: 1pm – 4pm

Wellbeing for Staff and Pupils: An introduction to mindfulness techniques and meditation


Friday 3rd May: 9am – 12noon

Wellbeing for Staff and Pupils: Stress!!! Relaxation and Breathing techniques


Tuesday 7th May: 1pm – 4pm

Our Fight, Flight Freeze Response and how to calm the Central Nervous System


Friday 10th May: 9am – 12noon

The thought, feeling, behaviour cycle and helpful and unhelpful choices we make.


Tuesday 14th May: 1pm – 4pm

5-minute meditations for staff and pupils


Friday 17th May: 9am – 12noon

Kindness and Compassion for our self and others


*Each workshop will have a child and adult focus including discussions, activities and meditations. Comfortable clothing can be worn as some movement may be involved if the member of staff is happy to do so.

*Snacks (please bring own if preferred) and hot drinks are provided. Please bring water.

*Address of Studio Serenity is: Unit 1, Meyrick Street, Newtown, Wigan, WN5 9AN (we are in the big white building at the back of Green and Green dentist and ATS on Warrington Road).

*Please note: There is no spiritual element to any of the sessions.