Feedback from some children and young people who have completed the Awards for All 8 week mindfulness, meditation and yoga course. Autumn 2017 - Summer 2018

** Feedback from our Children in Need funded course coming soon for Autumn 2018 - Summer 2019

Did you enjoy the course?

"I liked it when we talked and got things off our chest".

"I liked checking in and meditating".

"I enjoyed talking about SATs".

"I enjoyed doing some yoga and working together".

What have you learnt?

"Everyone is going through different things so respect them and be patient. I also learnt how to breathe."

"Ways to sleep better at night – remove the rush of bad thoughts."

"How to de-stress and stuff to help my brother (who has autism)."

"When your stressed don’t take it out on anyone just do 5 breaths."

"I learnt how to relax more, how to be confident and not to stress over stupid stuff."

"About the brain and how we work and meditating".

"Tactics for calming down, how to manage thoughts and feelings".

"When i get angry I do my 3 mindful breaths".

"I now believe in myself and am not worried about my SATs".

"To be mindful and not mind full".

"It has helped me with my emotional problems".

"You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf".

Other comments...

"I know how to think about my choices and how to react in situations".

"It makes me OK again".

"It was something different I never thought I would like it but I really enjoyed it".

"Thank you for helping me not be stressed anymore".

"We should have a mindfulness class in school that you can go to".

"Do meditations with grown ups as well".

"Brilliant it was unforgettable". 

95% of pupils said yes that they will be more mindful after the course, yes that they will think about their breathing more after the course and yes that the breathing techniques have helped them when they have been feeling stressed.

The majority of the pupils said they will continue to use their 3 mindful breaths and breathing techniques. Most of the pupils said they can now control their anger and will continue to use techniques to stay calm and control their emotions better.

The majority of feedback is that the sessions have helped in many ways especially to keep calm, be less worried, to control anger, to be kind to self and others.

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