The 8 week course delivered in schools for pupils has now been adapted to have a school staff focus (see school-wellbeing for further information). However, we know the importance of the adults at home being aware of the strategies that can not only help and support their child, but also themselves. We are wanting the breathing techqniues, mindfulness concepts and well-being strategies to be used and implemented within the family.

Firstly, having done the Mindfulness Stress-Based Reduction Course myself, I would highly recommend any adult who has stresses, anxieites or a busy life to complete the MBSR course for themselves with my colleague Gemma Barton. Please contact Gemma at Mind Train CIC for further details and how to book.

If you are interetsed in doing a Mindfulness course with Studio Serenity, it has more of a child focus with information and discussions that can help adults also. So you can learn strategies and have an insight into your own and your childs stresses, behaviours and helpful/unhelpful choices. Having worked with a broad spectrum of pupils including Autism, ADHD, PMLD, SEBD and from my work in schools recently for anxieties, exams and behaviours I know what helpful techniques of mindfulness, meditation and movement are effective for general well-being and our busy minds. Breathing techniques and meditations can improve behaviour, sleep and how children cope with worries.


I have worked with 100s of children and young people on a Mindfulness and Well-being course and still continue to do so either in schools with whole classes, selected groups or privately at my studio in Newtown, Wigan. The feedback from the courses has been overwhelming with 95% of pupils saying they will be more mindful, that they will think about their breathing more and the techniques will help them. The majority of feedback is that the sessions have helped in many ways especially to keep calm, be less worried, to control anger and to be kind to self and others. However, pupils have highlighted they want to continue with their breathing techniques and meditations after the 8-week course but would prefer support to do so to implement the strategies and ensure they become a day to day experience for them!

We have now adapted our 8-session course to work with adults with a child centered approach, so that they can learn the techniques and use with the young people in their care. The sessions have an element of well-being for adults and focus on child friendly techniques. The two-pronged approach will ensure that adults have a better understanding of themselves and how they can support their own well-being and pass down the strategies to their children. Please see WORKSHOPS for further details and prices.

Session 1: Mindfulness

Session 2: The Busy Mind

Session 3: Fight, Flight, Freeze Response

Session 4: Stress (good and bad)

Session 5: Thought, Feeling, Behaviour Cycle

Session 6: Helpful and Unhelpful Choices

Session 7: Happiness

Session 8: Acceptance

We will work through a booklet and complete activities during each session.

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