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My name is Clare Hales (MSc) and I am a special needs teacher. I graduated from Edge Hill University in December 2016 with a First Class Masters Degree in Psychology, previously graduating as a teacher in 2005 and working in SEN schools from 2005 until 2015. I am a Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Practitioner and Special Yoga teacher. I am also a Free Your Mind Facilitator and can deliver workshops to staff for their own mental health and well-being through an introduction to Mindfulness, Relaxation, Meditation and CBT techniques. My methods incorporate training that can support children and young people but also the adults looking after them.

My passion and drive is working with children who need the help and life skills to understand and control their emotions, anxieties and teach them about their mind, body and breathing techniques.

I have really enjoyed working with groups on our courses and also supporting those who need 1:1 support, however, I have learned from listening to the children and young people I have had the pleasure of working with that there needs to be more emphasis on the techniques they learn being implemented daily into their lives. My new goal is to work with staff and families and any adults who take care of children to learn them easy and effective mindfulness and breathing techniques so they can make good choices, understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and also ways to help themselves if they need it.

Please take a look at my blogs and timetables soon as I have lots of plans to work with schools and families to pass on techniques and resources. I will still be available for school bookings and private bookings at the studio for 1:1's, small groups and classes, get in touch! Sessions and courses can be adapted... take a look at the feedback from some of the children and young people I have worked with so far.

Other organisations and our work:

As a community interest company, we work together with other organisations as much as possible, as we are committed to ensure that we can support people of all ages. We have developed links with like minded people who have been working alongside Studio Serenity C.I.C so we can reach others. For further information about them please visit their websites:


Kara Bulpitt and Gemma Barton have been working with Studio Serenity C.I.C with groups of young people, Gemma is developing her work with Digital Mindfulness and Kara enjoys delivering mindfulness and yoga sessions to young people, and pre and postnatal ladies...

She is also currently training to work with people who suffer with TMJ, more information will be online very soon!!!

Myself and Gemma have plans to train staff in schools to create well-being after school clubs and we are really excited to get going with this. One club will have a digital well-being focus and the second club will be based on the 5 ways to well-being.... lots to do and behind the scenes we all have a lot of new ideas and plans so please follow our pages on Facebook or Twitter.

Kara Bulpitt: Opal Health (pre and post pregnancy classes)

Gemma Barton: Mind Train CIC (mindfulness Digital Wellbeing sessions and courses)

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