Our Vision is for every child to grow into happy, resilient adults. To enjoy, flourish and thrive with a stress free childhood.

Our Mission is to deliver Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathing courses and workshops for busy minds and provide techniques to deal with modern day life and anxieties... supporting the young person and the adults in their lives.


Thank You!!!

Thank you for visiting our website!!! At Studio Serenity C.I.C we have been busy over the past few years working with pupils in Wigan on a Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement Course for Child and Adolescent Mental Health funded by Awards for All. We have also run Family Yoga sessions from Wigan's Deal for Communities and Tesco's Bags for Help funding. Our last funded project was working with 100 young people with Autism or on the ASD pathway to help them with self-regulation, essential skills and physical skills from Children in Need.

  • In 2019 we have been developing our new premises and studio (Thanks to UnLtd for funding the room development and everyone's hard work finishing it off)... From the feedback we have received from over 800 children and young people we have worked with we have identified the need to work with families and school staff to further support their health and well-being.

  • In 2020 we are continuing to work with small groups or 1:1's for children and young people who have anxieties and/or additional needs through an 8 week course on Mindfulness and Well-being.

Prices are £20 per session 1:1, £15 per session for 2-3 people, £10 per session for 4-6. Courses run depending on individual needs and if 1:1 is needed or if a group needs to be organised that can work together.

  • We are still taking bookings for 8 week courses that can be done in schools for a small group (with a movement element) or whole class (seated meditations included) and also for the 5 week course to help with SAT's, this is a great course that can really help pupils to focus on performance and confidence and give them tools and techniques to settle the busy mind.

Prices £40 per group/class or £60 for two groups/classes.

Our studio is also available to hire out so if you need space to work with the community, to offer a class or just want somewhere to hold an event or meeting then please have a look at our space or get in touch.

Clare Hales, Director and Founder Studio Serenity C.I.C. 07714 792 631,

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